Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All the shenanigans!!!!

Top of the morning good people!!!! Got a lot accomplished today. Had some time to sit and read up on the bullshit news, catch up on some good blogs, sketched up a design for my next tattoo and watched some trailers for some decent upcoming movies.

It's safe to say we can start out by highlighting the newest commander of villains Mads Mikkelsen.

Mads Mikkelsen

This Danish born actor most likely exploded into most people's radar when he starred at the genius of creepy Hannibal Lector in NBC's 'Hannibal'. His skill along side with Hugh Dancy's who plays Will Graham creates an unrelenting marriage of talent. Look him up on IMDB for some other roles he has played in other American and Scandinavian films. 

What I've watched:

Evil Dead (2013) - I was really looking forward to this movie based on the reviews that it was terrifying because I certainly enjoy a good horror flick. Well it definitely did have some good scare tactics and I do love Sam Raimi but the gore factor was a little too much for me. I did like some of the special effects and the story line but I just thought the tearing of flesh every other set took away from the film. Just my opinion though.

Ray Donovan (TV): How can you pass up a show where Liev Schreiber is royally fucking up peoples day's. The show is about Ray (Liev) who is a "fixer" for LA's rich and famous. Decent show with a badassery level of 4 out 5.

On the ToDo List:

Pacific Rim (2013) : If your a sci-fi lover you can't go wrong with building robots to fight monsters. If that isn't enough for you perhaps that Del Toro's creative mind was fueling the film. The graphics are supposed to be amazing on this one. So far I've heard positive things. Yipppee for monsters.

World War Z (2013) :  Anyone who has read the book knows that the story line is pretty decent for a zombie plot. With that being said the reviews are telling me that the movie is nothing like the book. That information has not changed my mind though. I think if anything it will be a pretty decent action flick. I still have my hopes up.

Blog Alert : If you like horror comics this is the site for you. The site spotlights comic book releases, provides news, articles, artist features and interviews. It is definitely a site to add to your bookmarks. 

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