Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's who I am...

Ello good people… First Post, where to start? It’s hard for me to describe what this here blog will be about, however if I had to break it down to a genre I can assure you it is Horror & Sci-Fi. My goal is to get on here and write and/or connect to the world of creative peoples in an effort to prevent my brain from rotting. My current full time profession has a way of sucking the intelligence out of you. Soon one becomes that dumbed down fool that finds themselves slang banging in conversations with intelligent people in the real world. For the sake of everyone involved I will not name said profession but will just mention that one in said profession works with the more law abiding citizens of the county (Sarcasm included). I can’t say that I will write on here every day or even every week but I can say that I will try to make checking my blog out worth your time.

My other “profession” more like hobby is that of the assistant/handler for the talented Horror Author/ Comic Book writer K.N. Porter. I assure you this blog will remain professional and I will avoid carrying on about how amazing she is in every other sentence. I will be promoting the shit out of her stuff though; I mean that is the point of this whole social media arena in the first place, right?

So let’s recap… You will probably enjoy this blog if you enjoy one or more of the following:

• Anything Horror (Books, Artists, TV, Movies, Conventions)
• Anything Sci-Fi (Books, Artists, TV, Movies, Conventions)
• Comic Books/Graphic Novels and Comic Conventions
• Independent Authors
• Very talented artists
• Eclectic taste in music
• Reading about others maniacal travel adventures (Pictures included)
• Hellboy, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Walking Dead, True Blood, Guillermo Del Toro
• other weird shit….

Well thanks for your time, if in fact you actually spent the time to read anything but this last sentence.

The Handler

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